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coffee opinions

okay so im a barista right? havent been for like, too long but hey i have enough knowledge to share with you in case you want to up your coffee game.

get rid of your automatic coffee maker.

im so serious! get a french press instead. french presses are better because they give your coffee a stronger flavor. the coffee grounds sit in the water as oppossed to water just briefly passing through and falling into the pot. because of that though, you can make both hot coffee AND cold brew (not iced coffee, there is a difference).

make your own syrups.

you know, like caramel, vanilla, etc. its literally stupid easy to do. a cup of water, a cup of sugar, and then any flavor you want. i like to make a cinnomen and nutmeg syrup by adding the nut and bark itself into the boiling water. honestly, the hardest syrup to make is caramel but only bc its not as easy. its easier to make the caramel itself first (just cook sugar down with a LITTLE bit of water), and THEN go back and add more water to get your syrup consistancy. if you want, add a bit of vanilla in there and bam. i put mine in tiny mason jars. theyre adorable.

word of caution: because you are making it from scratch and not adding perservatives, you need to keep them in the fridge, and they'll only last for a month. also please do not touch boiling hot caramel in an attempt to taste it. ask me how i know (better yet, dont).

cut your cold brew!!!

if you decide to make cold brew (in your french press, wink wink), make sure to add water to your cold brew to dilute it. cold brew is made by allowing coffee grinds to soak in water for hours. this of course will make it MUCH more caffienated than your regular coffee maker. in order to save you from yourself, you dont want to be drinking to much at once without putting in more water. besides, i find that adding water brings out the flavors of the coffee a lot more. youll need to find the right balance of cold brew and water so that you dont get your cold brew too watered down-tasting though.

support your local coffee shops!

ive tasted many a coffee and espresso and i can confidently say that the best coffee is not at any international or national chains, but from local coffee shops. its literally no contest dude. the coffee is MUCH more bolder from local roastaries. look into your local coffee shops and support the hell out of them and leave them a fat tip.

more to be added im sure