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September 2nd, 2022

okay so its beeeeeeen a while. honestly i was really sad lol. but im a little better now. still sad, but actively trying to fight it. I got promoted at work! It's been a bit of an adjustment, and for the most part im working mornings which requires me to get up before 4 am. but you know what? my pay is pretty good so i cant complain. just wish i got more hours though :/ I'm trying my. best though! I've been trying to earn more money from art, which been's proving a little difficult, but i'm doing it! oh, also i've on a 45 day streak on duolingo now. im learning both french and german. thats been fun!

June 20th, 2022

okay so like basically in 5 days im going to my citys pride! im really excited. i spent too much on three (3) accessories to complete a really cute outfit. its a dress ive had since high school that still fit me but i couldnt bare to part with it bc it was waaaayy too cute. and now i finally have an excuse to wear it! its a little too short bc i gained some weight but its cute and it makes my thighs look hot and its pride so i dont care. because we switched hosts after years we really dont have much clothing that i would wear bc jojo wasnt goth but i am so like we are lacking in the goth department. but thats fine bc now i have an all black outfit and its great. i also bought a first aid kit in case anything happens and i also bought some earplugs in case i get overstimulated. i think all will go well :)

June 3rd, 2022

im back babeeyyy. i didnt really wanna code on my phone and it took me like 2 weeks to get a new laptop but i finally got it!!! its a refurbished 2020 macbook air. it has the m1 chip so while it doesnt have as much ram as im used to, itll still get the job done. it ended up being just around what it would have taken to fix my old one so it ended up working out for me! as for the really good job, i ended up not getting it, not because they didnt want me on board (in fact they really really like me and wanted me), but because they couldnt work with my schedule for my first job which i need to keep relatively open because i need at least 20 hours over there to keep my health insurance. basically the second job wanted full time avaliability for a part time job which is BULLSHIT. but whatever. im here and im excited to get back to coding. oh, also! ive recently added a new tier to my patreon. so for 8 a month you get access to my WIPs, art tutorials, and you get mailed a patch every month! its really fun tbh. but anyway yeah thats it bye!!!!

may 15th, 2022

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND GOOD VIBES I GOT A THIRD INTERVIEW! this is so excellent, i super really wanted this job. my roomie who works there said if i get a 3rd interview that means i have a REALLY REALLY good shot at the job. im so excited.

the bad news? well uh. well you see. i damaged my macbook kinda bad. and itll take like 500 dollars to fix. which is like fine! im lucky enough to be able to afford that. but my models gunna be like ancient by apple standards in three years. after talking with like several people who know more about this than i do, i think im just going to fork over the money to get it fixed. because its like, well with the money from my repair alone in addition to the fact that i need to replace the battery (another 200), thats like, nearly the cost of a new computer. so like the apple guy told me all of that and i was like "okay you know what. im going to think about it." like i can still USE my mac, its just the display thats pretty effed up. but i have a monitor tablet which is how im able to type this rn.

if i were to get a macbook exactly like the one i have, just newer, it would be like over 2 grand. which is not something i can justify spending since i dont need it for school anymore. but its just sooo nice to have a big screen and 16gb right. so then i was like "okay well what if i look at other laptops outside of apple. and so i considered maybe getting something like surface pro that has the same aount of ram and storage and i can draw directly on it. but apparently those cause problems and its really not worth the money.

and i mean i COULD get a cheaper macbook model, but again. the one i have works fine asides from the screen which can be fixed. and i still need to save my money for top surgery and the fact that i need to start looking into moving out of this state so. i think just repairing this one is the way to go. regardless, im going to wait until after my third interview since that could also play a factor into how im spending my money. i still have 3 years until apple decides my model cant be fixable anymore should something happen. but even after that period, as long as i take care of it, itll last me a loooot longer. so i think maybe its worth it.

anyway! thats whats been eating me up since yesterday lol. basically ill just get the screen fixed, and worry about the battery later. i want to keep this thing bc im just so fucking stubborn lol. and ill get a case so that this doesnt fucking happen again. i love life

may 10th, 2022

girl im sooo tired but i had a really productive day today. woke up at 3:45 to open the coffee shop i work at. left at 9. made it back in time to my apartment to remember i had another job interview lined up so i went to that. i mean it went okay, it was a group interview at a casino. not putting my money on it though bc i dont think my avaliability worked well with what they needed bc i need to prioritize this job so i can maintain hours for my benefits but i dont get enough hours over there so thats why i need that second job.

anyway then i left like an hour later, went to get my oil changed at one of those like 10 minute places. except the person in front of me was taking forever and i was almost out of gas bc i had the bright idea to not fill up before going over there. so i had to turn off the car to conserve what i had left but it was like 90 degrees and i was wearing jeans and a long sleeved black dress shirt. but then i went and i got it done while being casually misgendered. came home. did some work for patreon. cooked dinner. and now im here. tomorrow i have another really good interview lined up at a job i REALLY want so keep me in your prayers or good vibes or whatever you do.

ive been experimenting with patches too for my jean jacket. its a lot harder than i thought itd be but its pretty fun experimenting!

april 25th, 2022

im typing this in codepen because i just cannot help but make an entry, i suppose. havent even launched the website yet. oh well! you get what you get.

work has been pretty wild. you know how like, youre all supposed to be a team, but nobody communicates, and its overall a very unpleasent place to be sometimes? well, thats happening, but i talked with my boss and hopefully things will get better? we talke about how things can improve. we'll see. granted im like, the lowest ranking position there so i have little to no idea how it works outside of my paygrade but im really trying to turn things around! i want it to be a good place to work, and i want everyone to be as happy as they can. i brought oreos in to work toda, maybe that helped.

by the end of this week, i should have a second job. i have 2 interviews lined up, and i did an impromtu one on monday. i told the person there i submitted an app and she was like "oh sweet do you want to just interview now" and i was like "damn okay." i just absolutely love that i have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet. absolutely thrilled by it. i am extremely excited about the mental and resulting physical strains this will have on me.

i feel physically ill everytime i step into a store and see mother's day things.

my snake is literally the cutest thing on this planet. he is so stupid and has no thoughts. what a lad he is.