my pet snake

his name is teddy and he is a one year old miami corn snake!!!

i got him at a local reptile expo in november. because he wasnt a ~fancy~ morph he was pretty inexpesive but thats not really what hooked me on him.

so i drove like over an hour away with my friend to go to the expo and teddy was one of the first snakes i saw there but my friend was like "hey maybe we should look around the whole expo first" and the entire time i did i just could NOT stop thinking about him. so i waited in a long line to go back for him and i DID and he is mine and he is so cute.

if you are thinking of getting a snake PLEASE do your proper research beforehand. i researched proper snake care for a month and got my enclosure ready to go BEFORE i got teddy. there is a lot of misinformation out there! and PLEASE do not buy your pets from pet stores! purchase from a reputible breeder instead :)

there is not a thought in his head.